Military Saves Week: Live The Pledge

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Hopefully, this year will be different.


You will lose the battle of attrition. You’ll be so worn down by the constant barrage of media, social media, leadership and peer messaging that you will finally take the Military Saves Pledge.


It won’t stop there; it’s time to swing for the fences. Instead of just taking the pledge – committing to save, reduce debt and build wealth – this year you will live the pledge.


Pledge? If you’re like me, you’re shaking your head as you recall numerous examples of pledges, resolutions and good intentions that have quickly fallen by the wayside. Finances, health, weight and relationship moves that just didn’t happen…or happened for a while and then no more.


Here are three simple moves you can make to elevate from taking to living your pledge:


Make the “why” real. You may be saving for an upcoming vacation, trying to shrug the burden of debt from your shoulders or just trying to create peace and harmony in your home. Whatever it is, clearly define what you’re trying to do, write it down, keep it front-and-center, and you’ll have the motivation it takes to do what it takes. USAA’s Goal Planners can help you put a number to the why.


Focus on one positive action. Taking the pledge isn’t hard.  Following through and turning that pledge into tangible, sustainable long-term results is the real challenge. So, instead of getting overwhelmed by the enormity of the task at hand, keep it simple. Don’t try to do too much, just do something. Imagine where you would be if each year you made a single positive change.


Get help. Find someone or something that can help you reach your goal. It may be a financial counselor at the Military & Family Readiness Center. It could be one of many tools available to help you succeed at USAA's bank savings page. It could be a friend or couple that is working towards the same goal and can provide motivation and accountability. Don’t go it alone.


Visit the Military Saves website today and take the Military Saves Pledge. But this year, don’t just take it, live it.






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